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Thank You for Joining Roadmap 2021!

Forth's Roadmap Conference will be hosted in a robust virtual format in June 2021, and the program is now live! Book now to reserve your spot in the leading electric, shared, and smart mobility conference in the United States.

The Roadmap team is already planning an exceptional virtual Roadmap Conference to share leading-edge insights and case studies from around the world. With so many can't-miss program submissions, we have expanded Roadmap 2021 to three days! Join us from June 14-16 to help create the Roadmap for a clean, efficient, accessible transportation future for all.

Accelerated and widespread electric, smart, and shared mobility adoption requires a diverse and supportive "ecosystem" of industry and community leaders - from utilities and local governments; to vehicle OEMs, charging providers, and technology startups; to public interest groups and drivers. The annual Roadmap Conference brings all of these stakeholders together in a highly interactive format to explore emerging trends, share best practices and lessons learned, and build the road ahead.

Why attend Roadmap 2021?
Learn about the Roadmap experience here.

Forth chose a highly interactive and dynamic all-virtual format this year to ensure safety, decrease barriers to participation, and ensure people can make solid plans to attend.

Roadmap is Presented by:

Forth, a nonprofit trade association advancing electric, shared and smart transportation. The four main focus areas of our work are policy advocacy, consumer engagement, industry development, and demonstration projects. Learn more at www.forthmobility.org.