Full Name
Yolanka Wulff
Job Title
Executive Director
Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI)
Speaker Bio
Yolanka Wulff is Executive Director of CAMI, the Community Air Mobility Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the responsible integration of aviation into community transportation through education, communication, and collaboration. Yolanka is responsible for CAMI’s programs including the development of topical resources, webinars, conferences, and collaborations. This includes the Urban Air Policy Collaborative, a cohort-based curriculum for state and local agencies and airports. Prior to co-founding CAMI in 2019, she was a sustainable aviation consultant for ten years, working with industry, government, academia and nonprofits on policy, standards, industry development, market challenges, and communications. Yolanka is a nonprofit and business attorney and consultant with over two decades of experience in the successful development, implementation, and management of mission-driven programs, with a focus on sustainable transportation, land use, and collaborative solutions. Yolanka is a member of the Transportation Research Board New Users of Shared Airspace Committee, the GAMA Electric Propulsion Innovation Committee, and is the organizer and convener of annual Electric Aircraft Symposium.
Yolanka Wulff