Full Name
Matt Frommer
Job Title
Senior Transportation Associate
SWEEP (Southwest Energy Efficiency Project)
Speaker Bio
Matt Frommer joined the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, or SWEEP, in 2018 to work on clean transportation policy. In his role at SWEEP, Matt works with legislators, state agencies, utilities, and local governments to improve transportation system efficiency through vehicle electrification and mode shifting to transit, biking, and walking. He's worked on numerous utility, state, and local EV incentive programs as well as a statewide rule in Colorado to reduce GHG emissions from transportation plans.

Matt received a Master of Environmental Science in Sustainable Planning and Management from the University of Colorado in 2017. He focused his graduate studies on the electrification of rideshare fleets, and the expansion of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure in Colorado. Matt completed a capstone project with Rocky Mountain Institute’s Mobility Transportation team before joining SWEEP. Previously, he worked with Colorado’s rural communities to promote environmental education and stewardship, while also helping them diversify their local economies.

Prior to graduate school, Matt worked as an architect and city planner, specializing in urban mixed-used and residential projects both in the United States and internationally.

When he’s not thinking about sustainable transportation, Matt is usually skiing, hiking, or playing music.
Matt Frommer