Full Name
Lilia Montoya-Herrera
Job Title
Transportation Director
Speaker Bio
Lilia is an innovative executive dedicated to servant leadership, organizational stewardship as well as organizational citizenship. Lilia is a highly accomplished strategist with proven success driving best practices in organizational effectiveness for transportation agencies. Lilia has held influential positions in both the private and the public sector. Lilia is a dedicated professional with unwavering integrity, keen business acumen and a commitment to quality, safety and improving the customer experience.

Among her previous responsibilities, Lilia has held significant leadership positions at the Union Pacific, Tri-Met Public Transit Agency of Portland, Oregon, at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) and most recently at the Los Angeles Unified School District. At LAUSD, Lilia is transforming a fleet consisting of 3,600 pieces of equipment to alternative fuel and environmentally friendly for the health and wellbeing for all the residents of Los Angeles County.

Lilia has engaged internal and external stakeholders to assess needs and focus on transforming the environment focusing on how leadership can improve the lives of all students. Her tireless efforts are realized with the moto,” Every child matters and deserves to breathe and ride in buses that are safe and support their health and wellbeing.”

Lilia is a fact based decision maker that believes in inspiring teams, delivering results, and creating a learning environment where employees might realize their full potential. Lilia has implemented processes to develop human capital, execute developmental practices, and fostered a cooperative corporate culture for the purpose of engaging stakeholders at every level of the organization. Lilia has pinpointed opportunities to create and execute projects which are focused on improving service quality and operations.
Lilia Montoya-Herrera