Full Name
Vivian Rahwanji
Job Title
Chief Programs Officer
Community Housing Development Corporation
Speaker Bio
Vivian Rahwanji is the Director of Operations at Community Housing Development Corporation, (CHDC) a 501 (C) 3 non- profit corporation in Richmond CA. In this role, she is responsible for Leadership, Marketing and Operations of CHDC's Transportation, (Driving Clean Assistance Program, DCAP) program in the 9 bay area counties as well as Santa Cruz, Yolo and Sacramento counties, a CARB sponsored financing assistance program for disadvantaged and low-income consumers.

Vivian leads efforts to removing barriers to incentive participation for priority communities by creating awareness in communities through active marketing, public relations efforts, and prospecting. The program offers up to $5000 in down-payment assistance for the purchase of EV and an additional $2000 for EVSE infrastructure which assists in removing barriers of owning an EV by low-income consumers.

She is also responsible for ensuring the program achieves proper collection, analysis, and application of operational data to best track, achieve and report on program outputs, outcomes and other measures. Prior to joining CHDC, Vivian was Asst. Vice President at Citibank, N.A for over 12 years, managing multiple branch operations, leading business plan development, financial forecasting, sales management and audit, and capital commitment planning before joining CHDC in 2014. Vivian holds a Master of Arts degree in Management and Leadership from Liberty University in VA.
Vivian Rahwanji