Full Name
Cory Farquharson
Job Title
Senior Key Account Manager, Transportation Sector
BC Hydro
Speaker Bio
Cory Farquharson is BC Hydro’s Senior Key Account Manager for the Transportation sector. BC Hydro is the provincial electrical utility in British Columbia serving over 5 million customers which is 95% of our population. The Transportation sector in BC represents 40% of the provincial GHG emissions and therefore is of major importance to support our customers move to cleaner fuel sources. Cory is focused on supporting our transit, rail and marine customers with low carbon electrification initiatives from BC Hydro’s Electrification Plan working towards emissions reductions by 930,000t GHGs through studies, implementation, and demonstration applications by the end of 2026.

Cory has a Marketing degree from UBC and has been with BC Hydro for over 15 years holding key positions throughout the organization including roles working with customers and supporting our operations.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Cory has been privileged to enjoy everything beautiful British Columbia has to offer from skiing, windsurfing, and kayaking. Nowadays, Cory spends his time with his wife and two incredible little girls singing Disney theme songs or playing princess dress-up.
Cory Farquharson