Full Name
Arena Johnson
Job Title
Equitable Mobility Coordinator
Eastside Community Network
Speaker Bio
Arena Johnson serves as the Equitable Mobility Coordinator at the Eastside Community Network located within Detroit's Eastside, leveraging her profound connections within the community. With a focus on climate and mobility initiatives, Arena leads projects that prioritize the needs of local residents. Her leadership extends to overseeing a dynamic mobility workgroup comprising residents, mobility advocates, and technical specialists, strategically steering ECN's endeavors towards equitable mobility solutions tailored to community needs.

In tandem with the Climate Equity team, Arena plays an integral role in the transformation of the Stoudamire building into an environmentally sustainable and inclusive community mobility hub. Through her multifaceted contributions, she aims to cultivate a resilient, accessible, and environmentally conscious community space that enhances the quality of life for all residents.
Arena Johnson