Full Name
Vivian Rahwanji
Job Title
Director of Operations
Community Housing Development Corporation
Speaker Bio
Vivian Rahwanji serves as the Director of Transportation and Operations at Community Housing Development Corporation, (CHDC) a 501 (C) 3 non- profit corporation in Richmond CA. In this role, she leads the Outreach direction and strategic vision for CHDC’s Transportation Equity Project (Driving Clean Assistance Program). Ms. Rahwanji also leads the Operations of CHDC, and is responsible for developing and spearheading visionary, equity, and communication strategies to implement California Air Resources Board’s Financing Assistance Incentive Project in Low income and disadvantaged communities. She serves as lead in the responsibility for the grant management, with a goal of accelerating Electric Vehicle usage and driving market-based affordability and education/financing assistance in low-income and disadvantaged communities. She assists with the overall implementation and strategic management at CHDC, including the organization’s long-range business planning, and program management.
Vivian Rahwanji