Full Name
Craig Beaver
Job Title
Administrator for Transportation
Beaverton School District
Speaker Bio
Craig Beaver is the Administrator for Transportation for the Beaverton School District, located in Beaverton OR. With 39 years of experience in the transportation industry, Craig leads the largest district-owned school bus fleet in the state with a staff of over 270 employees and 315 buses servicing over 25,000 students per day. Beaverton currently has four 84-passenger buses on daily routes with 15 additional electric buses due in early August 2023. BSD uses 8-Level 2, 19.2 kWh chargers and has 22 additional charging stations under construction which will include DCFC Level 3 chargers. The remainder of the fleet is powered by diesel engines using R99 Renewable Diesel. Beaverton was the first school district in Oregon to use electric school buses beginning in 2021. Their goal is to have 30 ESBs in service by 2025 and 50 in service by 2028.
Craig Beaver