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2017 Keynotes

Kate Brown | Governor, State of Oregon  

Kate Brown

Prior to serving as Secretary of State, Brown served for 17 years in the state legislature: five years in the Oregon House of Representatives and 12 years in the Oregon State Senate. In 2004, Brown made history when she became the first woman in Oregon history to serve as Senate Majority Leader, after being elected by her colleagues. During her time in the legislature, Kate Brown led efforts on government accountability and reform. In 2007, she successfully spearheaded legislation that The Oregonian called the "state's most sweeping package of ethics reforms in 34 years." And she led a bipartisan group of legislators to pass Oregon's most significant campaign finance reform law in a generation, making campaign contributions more transparent than ever before by creating an online database for campaign finance reporting. As a leader who has always been on the side of working Oregon families, Brown successfully helped pass Family and Medical Leave, making Oregon one of the first states in the nation to allow parents to stay home with their sick children without fear of losing their jobs. She also put Oregon on the map as the first state to require insurance companies to cover annual breast exams for women over 18 as part of preventive health care screenings. Brown has also been a longtime leader in advancing civil rights and marriage equality. In 2007, she helped to pass the Oregon Equality Act, a civil rights law that prohibited discrimination in employment and housing on the basis of sexual orientation. And Brown was instrumental in passing Oregon's Family Fairness Act, which legally recognizes committed same-sex relationships as domestic partnerships. Prior to running for public office, Brown practiced family and juvenile law. She taught at Portland State University, worked with the Juvenile Rights Project and co-founded the Oregon Women's Health and Wellness Alliance, which has been leading efforts to support women's health for more than 20 years. Brown grew up in Minnesota and earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Kate came to Oregon to attend Lewis and Clark's Northwestern School of Law, where she received her law degree and Certificate in Environmental Law. With her husband Dan, Brown raised Dan's son and daughter, who are now grown, in Portland. When Brown is not busy at the Capitol in Salem, you'll find her horseback riding or hiking. In February of 2015, Brown and her husband moved into the official residence, Mahonia Hall.

Gregory Nickels | Former Mayor of Seattle

Gregory Nickels

Nickels is best known for his leadership on climate protection and urban sustainability. Rolling Stone magazine called Nickels the "Pied Piper" of mayors for launching the "US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement," a grassroots effort of over 1,000 mayors taking action at the local level. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded him its 2006 Climate Protection Award. In 2009 the United States Conference of Mayors elected Greg Nickels their 67th President. He is the recipient of numerous national and local awards for his work.

Spencer Reeder | Director, Climate and Energy, Vulcan Inc.

Spencer Reeder

2017 Speakers

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Fouad Ahmed | Senior Management Consultant, P3 North America Inc.

Fouad Ahmed

Charlie Allcock | Director of Business Development, Portland General Electric  

Charlie Allcock

He was a member of the 2010 Japanese American Leadership Delegation (JALD), spending ten days in Japan in meetings and information exchanges with Japanese leaders in government, political, business and non-profit sectors. A graduate of Oregon State University, he resides in Portland with his wife, Kathy, and three children. In his spare time, he enjoys travel and photography.

Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Forth  

Jeff Allen

Monica Araya | Founder & Director, Costa Rica Limpia / MovilidadElectrica.org  

Monica Araya

Monica has written over 65 publications, and frequently comments in local and international media including TIME magazine, the Financial Times, National Geographic and The Guardian. She studied in economics (Bachelors and Masters in Economic Policy, National University) and environmental management (Masters and Doctorate Degree, Yale University). She co-chaired the Platform for Low-Emissions Development Strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean which she helped launch. She was a Steering Committee member of UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2012-2016. She was a WEF Global Agenda Council member in 2015-2016. She is a member of the Advisory Board of "State of the Union" - the most authoritative annual review of the state of Costa Rica and of the magazine of environmental sciences in Costa Rica (Revista de Ciencias Ambientales). The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs named her "Personality of the Future" in 2014. In 2016 she gave a TED talk about Costa Rica. In December 2016, she was a member of the world's largest all-female expedition to Antarctica - a leadership initiative by Homeward Bound.

Robert Barrosa | Vice President OEM Strategy & Business Development, EVgo

Robert Barrosa

Alan Bates | Market Manager, ReachNow  

Alan Bates

Max Baumhefner | Attorney, Clean Vehicles and Fuels, Energy & Transportation Program, Natural Resources Defense Council  

Max Baumhefner

Michael Berube | Vehicle Technologies Office Director, U.S. Department of Energy  

Michael Berube

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from MIT. He later returned to MIT as both a graduate student and researcher where he received a master's degree in the Technology and Policy Program and a master's degree from the Sloan School of Management. He was recognized for his early work on corporate sustainability and led research for the MIT International Motor Vehicle Program.

Dr. Vatsal Bhatt | Director of Cities and Neighborhood Developments, Green Building Council

Alexis Biddle | Smart Cities Policy Advisor, DKS Associates

Alexis Biddle

Rolf Bienert | Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance  

Rolf Bienert

Stefan Bird | CEO, Pacific Power

Stefan Bird

Stefan Bird is president and CEO of Pacific Power, a division of PacifiCorp. For more than 100 years, Pacific Power has been delivering safe, reliable and affordable energy to 740,000 customers in 243 communities across Oregon, Washington and California. Among several PacifiCorp core operations, Bird's oversight includes the optimization of its vast transmission system - one of the largest in the nation. Since joining in 2007, Bird has led PacifiCorp's transition to a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy future. Under his leadership, the company has added over 3,000 megawatts of owned and contracted renewable capacity, making it the nation's second largest owner of wind energy resources among regulated utilities. Bird championed the company's partnership with the California ISO to implement a new energy market that is transforming the western U.S. grid. He also is leading the installation of a new smart meter network in Oregon and PacifiCorp's Energy Vision 2020 initiative, the largest investment in the company's history designed to upgrade its existing renewable resources and add cost-effective new renewables and transmission to deliver broad customer benefits.

Steve Bloch | Vice President of Partnership Development, EV Connect

Steve Bloch

Linda Bluestein | National Clean Cities Co-Director, U.S. Department of Energy  

Linda Bluestein

Josh Boone | Deputy Executive Director, California PEV Collaborative  

Josh Boone

Baerte de Brey | Chief International Officer, ElaadNL

Baerte de Brey

Tonia Buell | Project Development Manager, Innovative Partnerships, Washington State Department of Transportation  

Tonia Buell

Eric Cahill | Program Director, Plug In America  

Eric Cahill

Chuck Caisley | Chief Customer Officer, Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs, KCP&L

Chuck Caisley

Prior to joining KCP&L, he was president of the Missouri Energy Development Association, the trade association for Missouri's investor-owned natural gas, water and electric utilities. In 2004, Mr. Caisley served as both the chief of staff and top political advisor to Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway -- the first woman Speaker of the Missouri House. During his tenure, he was instrumental in passing several landmark pieces of legislation, including tort, nursing home and foster care reform, and increased life-sciences research funding.

Actively involved in the community, Mr. Caisley serves as co-chairman of the board of directors and a member of the executive committee of the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC). He also is the chairman of the Kansas City Zoo board of directors and a member of the Kansas City Missouri Environmental Protection Committee. In addition, Mr. Caisley currently serves as chairman of the board of directors for Missouri Employers Mutual, a workers' compensation mutual insurance company located in Columbia, Mo.

Mr. Caisley is the former chairman of the Missouri Energy Council, a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives Reapportionment Commission, the former chairman of the Kansas City Zoological Tax District Commission and a former member of the board of directors of Hope House and Kansas City LISC.

He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor's degree in political science. He has also earned a Juris Doctorate degree from St. Louis University School of Law and a Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Michele Chait | Director, Energy + Environmental Economics, Inc.

Michele Chait

Gina Coplon-Newfield | Director, Electric Vehicles Initiative, Sierra Club  

Gina Coplon-Newfield

She earned a B.A. from Tufts University and a Master's in Public Administration at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government where she wrote a case study published by Harvard Law School on the advocacy efforts that led to the 2007 law increasing U.S. vehicle fuel economy standards. Coplon-Newfield has been widely quoted and published in various media outlets and has a regular blog in Huffington Post. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband, two daughters, and two plug-in vehicles.

Genevieve Cullen | President, Electric Drive Transportation Association

Jamie Dean | Program Director, The 11th Hour Project  

Jamie Dean

Jessie Denver | Energy Program Manager, San Francisco Department of the Environment  

Jessie Denver

Andrew Dick | Connected, Automated, and Electric Vehicle Advisor, Oregon Department of Transportation  

Andrew Dick

Claire Dooley | Director of Market Development and Product Strategy, EVgo  

Claire Dooley

Patrick Duan | Vice President of Operation, BYD Motors Inc.

Patrick Duan

Tim Echols | GA Public Service Commissioner  

Tim Echols

Echols' commitment to promoting clean energy has resulted in not only millions of solar panels being installed in Georgia, but has resulted in more electric vehicles as well. Our state is second in the nation in electric vehicles--only behind California. Echols created the Clean Energy Roadshow that has traveled the state every summer for the last six years. This educational event travels to cities around the state helping commuters, businesses and municipal governments evaluate alternative fuel for their transportation and residential use. When he is not managing Georgia's energy portfolio, Echols is helping Atlanta's children. He created the Unholy Tour that serves as a rolling seminar on child sex trafficking and the harm it is causing to the youngest of our citizens. The tour is credited with rescuing two children in Atlanta.

Echols, who has a Masters degree in Non-Profit Organizations, considers the charities in our state a great resource. Echols founded TeenPactand grew the mock legislative youth program for teens to 38 states in his tenure. He continues to serve on the Board of Directors. He most recently created the William Wilberforce Weekend for young men--founded after the great abolitionist Wilberforce, who helped end the slave trade in Great Britain. Tim also has been at the forefront in fighting human sex trafficking. He created the "Unholy Tour" that helps policy makers see first-hand the harms of human trafficking.

Tim has tried to lead by example. He added solar hot water heating to his Athens home just before being sworn-in. He bought a natural gas car, a propane van and owns two electric cars. Tim also led the effort to provide the Salvation Army and two other agencies with $5 million to help low income seniors in Atlanta with heating assistance. That program continues today. Tim created a pilot program to provide specially equipped IPADS to the hearing impaired to help them function more productively. That programs continues today as well.

Recognizing that ultimately his job is about helping plan Georgia's energy future, Tim has supported and approved new carbon-free nuclear energy sources for Georgia that will provide baseload power for generations. Tim supports recycling the nuclear waste and using the remaining energy resident in those fuel rods as the most sustainable course of action for the state and nation. He has represented the United States at the World Nuclear Exhibition for the last four years.

Tim and his wife, Windy, have been married 33 years and they have seven children. He lives in Jefferson, Georgia. His wife is with him at our conference, and his son is in the Coast Guard, stationed in Valdez.

James Ellis | Director of Utility Solutions, ChargePoint

James Ellis

Jeffrey Esfeld | Director of Light Duty Fleet Sales, Workhorse Group Inc.  

Jeffery Esfeld

Dr. David Finn | CEO, Tritium

David Finn

Jean-Baptiste Gallo | Product Manager, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. | Manager, Pricing/Cost of Service, PacifiCorp  

Jean-Baptiste Gallo

John Gartner | Director, Navigant Research

John Gartner

John has 29 years of experience in evaluating technology, market research, and consulting. He began his consulting career in information technology at the National Software Testing Laboratory in 1988, where he consulted on projects for government agencies and the world's largest computer companies. He has contributed to and edited for many of the leading IT and business publications including Wired, Windows Magazine, Technology Review, Inc., and McKinsey Quarterly. Mr. Gartner has been analyzing electric and other alternative drive vehicles for more than a decade. He founded and edited Wired's Autopia automotive website, and was the first to report on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's overestimation of hybrid vehicles' fuel economy.

Jacob Goodspeed | Pricing Analyst, Portland General Electric  

Jacob Goodspeed

Mark Goody | Manager of Electric Vehicle Programs, FleetCarma  

Mark Goody

Adam Gromis | Global Head of Sustainability and Environmental Policy, Uber  

Adam Gromis

Sue Hall | CEO, Climate Neutral Business Network

Sue Hall

Beyond leading companies, over 700 US university campuses have now made carbon neutral commitments, alongside sports federations, cities, countries - and now, even the 2016 Paris Climate Accord with its carbon neutral goals for the planet by 2050. Recently she helped catalyze Chevrolet's 2010 commitment to invest $40m in carbon credit projects across the US to reduce up to 8m tons of CO2 emissions, convening its Environmental Advisory Board and creating the new VCS Campus Clean Energy Efficiency Methodology, which enabled Chevy to pioneer carbon credit revenue support for clean energy leadership at US Universities and schools. Invitations to the White House resulted for GM, university leaders and Hall, as the Obama Administration catalyzed commitments from hundreds of leaders to support the 2106 Paris Climate Accord.

GM most recently asked Hall to develop the carbon business case to evaluate how carbon market capital could generate returns to accelerate investment in EV charging systems. Given a compelling 5-10% return on capital, Hall convened the EV Charging Carbon Coalition (EVCCC), which VW Group/Audi, Exelon, EVgo, Siemens, Connecticut Green Bank, Siemens and the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance joined as founding members. EVCCC is now developing a new VCS accredited EV charging carbon methodology, which will open up the carbon markets as a new source of capital to accelerate EV charging system investments. Interest across the country and internationally has been strong to examine how this new voluntary market methodology can be leveraged to optimize carbon financial incentives for electric transportation, even in the midst of existing regulatory systems such as states' cap and trade legislation.

Since the carbon market's inception, the Climate Neutral Business Network (CNBN), which Hall founded, has helped progressive companies create a series of profitable new choices that can credibly reduce the global warming impacts of their products and services. Hall's work focuses on developing strategies that maximize companies' carbon advantage, forging creative partnerships across corporate value chains and alliances with environmental/community organizations - to maximize the value that they can deliver for their companies, their customers, the community and the climate.

Joe Halso | Associate Attorney, Sierra Club

Joe Halso

Maurice A. Henderson II | Chief-of-Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Maurice A. Henderson

Before his appointment as the PBOT Assistant Director, he served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), an agency with an operating budget of over $100 million and responsible for operating over $1 billion in municipal IT assets. He also managed the most successful census count in the history of the District of Columbia as the DC Counts Campaign Director starting in October 2009 leading the process to engage, educate and mobilize the District's residents to participate in the 2010 US Census, which translated into billions in federal assistance for the District of Columbia. He began his District Government career in the summer of 2007 by serving as the Chief of Staff for OCTO under then-CTO and first U.S. Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra. Prior to arriving in the District to serve in the Fenty administration in July 2007, he was appointed as the Deputy Press Secretary for then-Virginia Governor and now-U.S. Senator Tim Kaine where he was the governor's traveling press and logistics point person. Henderson has also worked across the country on a number of political and advocacy campaigns and projects focused on economic opportunity and equity, including working for the United Steelworkers International (USW) out of its Pittsburgh headquarters. He also has both domestic and international experience in business development and education having spent nearly four year living and working abroad in Hungary, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates. He holds a bachelor's degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond and a master's degree in Public Administration from Sojourner-Douglass College as well as teaching certificates for English as a Second Language and Business English.

Zach Henkin | Program Director, Forth  

Zach Henkin

Amy Hillman | Client Relations Manager, Blink Network at Car Charging Group, Inc.  

Amy Hillman

Thor Hinckley | Senior Program Consultant - Electric Vehicles, CLEAResult  

Thor Hinckley

Tyler Hughes | EV Infrastructure Development, Burns & McDonnell  

Tyler Hughes

Lauren Isaac | Director of Business Initiatives, EasyMile  

Lauren Isaac

Michael Jones | Vice President Sales, North America West, ChargePoint  

Michael Jones

Mike Jones | Power Supply and Strategic Planning Officer, Seattle City Light

Michael Jones

Jurjen de Jong | CEO, GreenFlux  

Jurjen de Jong

Via the platform GreenFlux and its customers manage over 9.000 connected charge points. Manufacturers of charge stations, energy companies and charge point operators are the main clients. GreenFlux is active in 10 countries i.e. The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, China, Thailand and the United States of America. The platform facilitates international roaming and transactions but also sophisticated smart charging functionality to manage (renewable) energy and capacity in the charging network and even on electricity grid level. The innovative smart charging controller fits in every charge station and changes it into a smart energy station. eViolin facilitates EV drivers to charge with all Charge point operators in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with one single charge card or App. eViolin provides international roaming with more than 70.000 charge stations in Europe and about 140.000 charge cards. Members of eViolin developed the successful OCPP protocol. Lately the OCPI protocol (Open Charge Point Interface) has been developed to enable peer to peer roaming and communication to roaming hubs like eClearing.net or Hubject to facilitate roaming on a worldwide level based on an open source protocol.

Alex Keros | Manager, Vehicle & Advanced Technology Policy, General Motors  

Alex Keros

Alex began his career in environmental consulting where he managed the assessment and remediation of hazardous waste sites. He has extensive experience in environmental policy design and implementation. Alex also grew up learning the ropes in his family-owned restaurant, the American Coney Island. Founded in 1917, the restaurant is widely recognized as the creating the tradition of Detroit's chilidog. Alex earned a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Kathy Kinsey | Senior Policy Advisor, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management

Kathy Kinsey

Jukka Kukkonen | Founder, PlugInConnect  

Jukka Kukkonen

Tim Kreukniet | Director, EV-Box North America  

Tim Kreukniet

Robert Langford | Manager, Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales, Honda

Robert Langford

Megan Lohmann | Head of Community Energy Management, Community Energy Association  

Angel López | Executive Director of the LIVE Platform, Barcelona City Council  

Angel Lopez

Nic Lutsey | Program Director, The International Council on Clean Transportation  

Nic Lutsey

Lauren McCloy | Legislative Director, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Lauren McCloy

Lucy McKenzie | Senior Consultant, Energy and Environmental Economics

Lucy McKenzie

Fei Meng | Program Manager, China Center for Energy and Transportation, ITS-UC Davis

Jim Piro

Robert Meredith | Manager, Pricing/Cost of Service, PacifiCorp  

Robert Meredith

Patricia Monahan | Transportation Program Director, Energy Foundation  

Patricia Monahan

She also worked for several years as an energy analyst at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, where her research encompassed industrial energy use and efficiency, projections of energy use and pollution, and international strategies for reducing global warming pollution. Ms. Monahan has a bachelor's degree in environmental science from the University of California at Berkeley and a master's degree in energy analysis and policy from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Susan Mora-Schrader | Director Utility Initiatives, Exelon  

Susan Mora-Schrader

Susan as spent a number of years as a public affairs consultant focused on assisting clients in their outreach to Congress and a dozen years lobbying across the country at the state and local levels for a variety of businesses and trade associations. Susan currently sits on the Board of the Gridwise Alliance and Co-Chairs the Board of the Eastern LAMPAC with IBEW leaders. She has completed the University of Idaho Utility Executive Program and the University of Wisconsin Advanced Rate Design Course, holds an MBA and a Bachelor's in economics, both from the University of Maryland.

John Morris | Vice President Market Development, D+R International  

John Morris

Salim Morsy | Senior Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance  

Salim Morsy

Nick Nigro | Founder, Atlas Public Policy  

Nick Nigro

Simon Ouellette | CEO, Mogile Technologies Inc.  

Terry O'Day | Vice President, EVgo  

Terry O'Day

Terry began his career with Edison International, where he contributed to founding four businesses in energy, security services, and electric vehicle charging. He went on to cofound EV Rental Cars, which was the first rental company in the United States to offer only environmental vehicles, such as hybrid, natural gas, and electric cars to the general public. It served fifteen airports in six states and more than 500,000 customers, with over 700 cars. Terry has served on various start-up boards and in advisory roles for companies in energy, technology, transportation and infrastructure. He holds an MBA from The UCLA Anderson School of Management and completed the Coro Public Affairs Fellows Program in Los Angeles. He earned a BA with honors in Public Policy at Stanford University, with a thesis addressing public finance and demand management of electricity. Terry was first elected as Councilmember for the City of Santa Monica in November 2010. He has served two years as Mayor Pro Tempore and currently serves as a Councilmember. The city serves over 90,000 residents and a daytime population up to 300,000, with 1,700 employees, a $650 million annual budget and an AAA bond rating. Terry led a six-year process to update the City's General Plan, which became the leading example of environmental land use planning in the state, reducing projected per capita greenhouse gas emissions from land use by 31 percent in 25 years. He has been active with community organizations throughout California and Mexico; including Waterkeeper Alliance, Coro Southern California; The USC Center for Sustainable Cities, Environmental Entrepreneurs and as the Board Chair of the Coalition for Clean Air.

Román Partida-Lopez | Senior Equity Specialist, Center for Sustainable Energy  

Roman Partida

Johan Peeters | VP Marketing & Sales, ABB EV Infrastructure

Johan Peeters

Lynn Peterson | Transportation Consultant

Lynn Peterson

Lynn is a nationally recognized transportation and land-use integration expert, having worked as both a transportation consultant and a strategic planning manager for TriMet, Portland, OR's regional transportation agency. Lynn started her career as a highway design and construction engineer at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Later she specialized in traffic engineering. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Wisconsin - Madison, and two master's degrees from Portland State University, in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Urban and Regional Planning.

Jim Piro | President and CEO, Portland General Electric  

Jim Piro

Karl Popham | Manager, Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies, Austin Energy  

Karl Popham

Dan Raudebaugh | Executive Director, Center for Transportation & the Environment

Dan Raudebaugh

Mr. Raudebaugh and CTE have a long track record of sustained success. Operating as a non-profit organization, CTE does not answer to stockholders and can remain free to independently explore and evaluate the most cutting-edge US technologies for deployment into the marketplace. In addition to demonstration and deployment projects, Mr. Raudebaugh's work at CTE has encompassed a wide spectrum of other activities, from University and National Lab sponsored research, to public awareness campaigns, educational programming, marketing research, and commuter behavior studies. He has developed and nurtured many strong, meaningful relationships that allow him to create unique partnerships and innovative teams. Dan's technical background and strong industry knowledge have positioned him as a sought-after expert in emerging transportation. He served on Georgia's state energy advisory panel and has testified before the United States Senate, outlining the many ways new energy and transportation technologies can mitigate our country's dependence on foreign oil. Mr. Raudebaugh holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Spencer Reeder | Director, Climate Programs, Vulcan Inc.  

Spencer Reeder

Laura Renger | Principal Manager, Air & Climate, Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison  

Laura Renger

Prior to this position, Laura was a Senior Attorney in the SCE Law Department, primarily focusing on air quality, climate, safety, and transmission project licensing. She is the immediate past chair of the Environmental Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the current Treasurer of Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles. Laura also serves as the Secretary of CalSTART (an organization dedicated to the growth of the clean transportation industry) and as the Treasurer of the California Electric Transportation Coalition (a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of economic growth, clean air, fuel diversity and energy independence through the use of electric transportation). Laura holds a B.A. from Occidental College and a J.D. from Columbia Law School. She lives in Los Alamitos, California with her husband and nine-year-old son, Jack.

Robert Rizzo | Director of Operations, Eluminocity

Robert Rizzo

Most notable are Hydrogen/Natural Gas CO-Generation fueling infrastructure, battery vehicle technology testing and evaluation, advanced technology smart grid applications, Alternating Current and Direct Current Level 2 and Level 3 Fast Charging product developments. Robert's education began in electrical design engineering in Los Angeles while President and CEO of Charging Ahead Electric, one of the pioneer company's who installed the first 400 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment in the 90's for GM, Nissan, Ford, Honda and Chrysler.

Danilo Santini | Senior Economist, Argonne National Laboratory

Danilo Santini

Vivian Satterfield | Deputy Director, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon  

Vivian Satterfield

Jill Sciarappo | Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, Autonomous Driving Group, Intel Corporation

Jill Sciarappo

John Smart | Group Lead - Advanced Vehicles, Idaho National Laboratory  

John Smart

Brian Spak | Customer Energy Solutions Manager, Portland General Electric  

Brian Spak

Tyler Svitak | Energy and Transportation Administrator, City and County of Denver

Tyler Svitak

Andrew Swanton | Vice President of Sales, BYD  

Andrew Swanton

Rami Syväri | Head of International Sales & Business Development, Fortum Charge & Drive  

Rami Syvari

Since 2014 he has been responsible for the international expansion of Charge & Drive, providing operators and infrastructure investors with Charge & Drive's leading, cloud-based charging business system, which offers solutions to customer experience, infrastructure management, and business management. Rami Syväri also serves as member of the board for the Electro Mobility branch of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Lisa Thurstin | Senior Manager, Environmental Programs, American Lung Association Minnesota  

Lisa Thurstin

Diane Turchetta | Transportation Specialist, Federal Highway Administration  

Diane Turchetta

Marta Van den Bergh | Junior Project Manager, Research & Innovation, UITP  

Marta Van den Bergh

Erick VanWagenen | EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, WeDriveU, Inc.  

Erick VanWagenen

John Voelcker | Editor, Green Car Reports  

John Voelcker

Kevin Walkowicz | Simulation, Testing and Integration Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory  

Kevin Walkowicz

Yunshi Wang | Director, China-U.S. ZEV Policy Lab, China Center for Energy and Transportation, ITS-UC Davis

Yunshi Wang

Meghan Weinman | Product Development Manager, Puget Sound Energy

Meghan Weinman

Harm Weken | Managing Partner, FIER Automotive

Harm Weken

Brett Williams, Ph.D. | Principal Advisor, Clean Transportation, Center for Sustainable Energy  

Brett Williams

ZhanHui Yao | Director in Automobile Policy Research, China Technology and Automotive Research Center

ZhanHui Yao

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