Full Name
Terry Travis
Job Title
Managing Partner
Speaker Bio
Terry is co-founder and managing partner with EVNoire, an award-winning, consultancy working on electric, connected, shared, and autonomous vehicle technology.
He utilizes his years of experience and expertise to integrate E-Mobility Best Practices and E-Mobility diversity, equity, and inclusion in the transportation sector. His work focuses on multimodal electrification with organizations ranging from auto manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, charging network companies, rideshare/delivery network companies, fleets, transit authorities, and other key stakeholders. EVNoire, a data-driven organization, is recognized for utilizing innovative frameworks to inform e-mobility strategies that accelerate the adoption of clean transportation and e-mobility solutions. Terry serves as a board member of Veloz, a California-based EV marketing and advocacy organization. As an e-mobility SME, Terry has spoken internationally at the Global EV summit, Fully Charged, Electrify Expo, LA Auto Show, Roadmap Conference, ATE, and other e-mobility convenings. Terry also led the creation of the annual National E-Mobility Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference, the largest event of its kind.

Terry is also the co-founder of two notable organizations the first being an national organization of diverse E-Mobility Professionals which focuses on growing the number of diverse professionals in the sector providing mentorship and support. Also, co-founder EVHybridNoire, the largest network of diverse EV drivers and enthusiasts, with members across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa. EVHybridNoire serves as the voice of this community. EVHybridNoire's pillars of work include climate justice, beneficial public policy, advocacy, public health, data collection and research, education and outreach, and workforce and economic development. EVHybridNoire works to increase multimodal EV adoption and access to charging infrastructure in more diverse communities ensuring that our mobility future is cleaner, greener, diverse, inclusive, and equitable.