Full Name
Misti Murphey
Job Title
Director of Marketing, Communications, & Corporate Social Responsibility
Electrify America
Speaker Bio
Misti Murphey is the Director of Marketing, Communications, & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Electrify America. She oversees the marketing and communications strategy and CSR for the Electrify America, Canada, Commercial, and Home brands for the U.S. and Canada markets. Throughout her career, she has been at the forefront of working with challenger brands that deliver authentic, compassionate, and purposeful marketing and communications through the art of storytelling.

Joining Electrify America in 2018, Misti led the company’s marketing strategy to launch the award-winning Brand Neutral campaign “Normal Now,” which educated consumer audiences about the ease and benefits of transitioning to an electric vehicle lifestyle. In addition, over that period, she has been a leader in the company’s rapid growth by launching the Electrify Canada, Electrify Home, and Electrify Commercial brands.

Before joining Electrify America, Misti’s professional experience supported Bentley North America as the Marketing Manager, where she led consumer-focused storytelling campaigns for both products and the brand.
Misti Murphey