Full Name
Aravind Kailas, PhD
Job Title
Advanced Technology Policy Director
Volvo Group North America
Speaker Bio
Dr. Aravind Kailas is the Advanced Technology Policy Director at Volvo Group, where he oversees policy development and public affairs campaigns to further Volvo’s interests in automation, connectivity, and electromobility. Additionally, Dr. Kailas manages the Group’s engagement in California, and has been pivotal in launching numerous high-visibility initiatives in the state. He has also successfully advocated for many federal and state policies to develop the market for zero-emission heavy-duty trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles in the U.S., and spearheaded the infrastructure deployment for introducing Volvo’s electric trucks in North America. Dr. Kailas is also an Instructor at Cal State Long Beach, and has previously held positions at Charlotte, QUALCOMM, DOCOMO Innovations, and General Electric. Author of over 100 publications and quoted in many media outlets, Dr. Kailas has served on several technology and policy committees, and advisory boards of non-profit organizations. His work has been recognized with numerous accolades, including awards from TRB, SAE, and IEEE. He has earned degrees in Applied Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering from Wisconsin and Georgia Tech.
Aravind Kailas, PhD